Drama Services

How can Red Threaders assist you and/or your organisation: 

·      Provide practical support to artists/theatre makers through analysis/feedback on their performance work– a critical friend who acts as an “outside eye”, who does not direct a piece of theatre but supports creators of performance work through their own specific processes. Specialists in devised and outdoor theatre. 

·      Deliver and design bespoke workshops for education in Universities, schools and community groups for example those at Undergraduate Level or A Level Drama 

·      Deliver and design bespoke workshops in healthcontexts, including participants with complex mental health issues. Red Threaders are also specialists in working with children with autism. 

·      Facilitating and project co-ordinatingcross disciplinary arts projects, analysing and evaluating processes and keeping view of the elements of a project and how the oscillate between art forms

·      Providing one to one tuition for young people who need help with audition pieces or drama exams. 

·      Script reviewing and editing 

·      Advice/critical proof reading of arts applications